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Welcome to your Home for Angel Messages

Welcome to your Home for Angel Messages

Messages from our Angels to help us navigate our daily lives and to achieve the Spiritual Growth we desire.


Messages from our Angels to help us navigate our daily lives and to achieve the Spiritual Growth we desire.



About Me


Hello, my name is Laura. When I was 18, I was hit by a truck while driving a very small car with no seat belt on. I walked away from the mangled car with only a concussion and the surety that I was on the Earth to serve a purpose that I hadn't yet fulfilled.


I've always been very empathic and in touch with my intuition, but in 2008 I decided to study metaphysics and learn more about what I'd been doing naturally my whole life. I found the Angels there ready to assist me, and I found joy in intentionally helping others as a life coach to work through daily concerns and problems as well as to encourage them to trust in their own intuition (their own internal Angelic guidance). I am truly blessed by the Angels to be their conduit and to relay the messages they are sending to you.


What is an Angel Reading?

You may be asking yourself, "What is an Angel reading?".  

During my exploration into Metaphysics and discovering more about my innate abilities, I discovered I was a conscious Channel.  This simply means that I discovered that besides hearing, feeling and seeing the messages being given to me, I could allow my consciousness to "step aside", to take a back seat and allow Beings of Light and Love to use my vocal cords and body to speak directly to the listener.  I discovered those Beings of Light and Love were Angels during a channeling session when a fellow channel told me she saw large Angel wings behind me when I channeled.  For the longest time they wouldn't tell me who they were because they wanted me to focus on the message, not the messengers.  This allowed me to use my discernment and intuition about who wished to speak through me, instead of blindly trusting because of a name.  They encourage all listeners of anyone doing readings or channeling messages to use their discernment and tune in to their intuition about how the messages feel to them.  Do you feel the energy of love and light?

I call them Angel Readings because I work with the Archangels to bring their messages to the Earth plane.  I feel strongly that this is my purpose for being incarnated on the Earth.  You may not always hear what you want, but you will always hear what you need to hear from the Angels.  They have been waiting to speak to you and always take the opportunity to focus on what they want you to know and so may not focus on what you think you want to hear.  They ask that you please attend readings with an open mind and heart and be open to the messages that are being given.  If you focus overly much on what you think you need to hear, you may miss the important information they chose to share with you for your best and highest good.


What To Expect

My approach to readings is conversational.  While we sit and talk, I'm relaying the Angel messages I'm receiving regarding your questions and situations.  I receive pictures, emotions, physical feelings, thoughts, and sometimes they express what they want to say by relating it to an experience I've had.  I ask questions to either help clarify the information so that I interpret it correctly, or to help me focus in on more aspects of the message they're asking me to pass along.  Sometimes they ask me to step to the side an allow them to directly speak, which is also my joy to do.  They generally only do this if they know the person would be comfortable with that.  I also always ask if the person would be comfortable with that before I allow them to step forward and speak.

The Angel's focus is on giving us useful tools, insights, and suggestions to help us navigate our physical lives on this Earth plane, and to help us achieve the goals for Spiritual growth that we may have so that we may ascend to the next level of existence.  They are compassionate towards the struggles we have and desire to give us the tools we need to deal not only with our daily dilemma's, but can also be applied to our lives moving forward beyond a specific event that you may have come to speak to them about.  Again, they ask that you come with an open mind and an open heart.